Assault charges can range from a Class C Misdemeanor to a First Degree Felony in Texas. If you’re convicted of a Class C misdemeanor then you can only be punished by paying a fine up to $500 and court costs, you cannot be sentenced to serve time in jail.


Our law firm has a successful record  in defending our clients on misdemeanor and felony charges.  We defend our clients in county and district courts, state and federal courts, and U.S. Magistrate Court on Fort Hood.


Our team of paraprofessionals led by attorney Mary Beth Harrell have won because our motions to suppress proved the officers did not properly administer the ‘sobriety’ tests or didn’t have probable cause to arrest our client.


Being arrested doesn’t mean you’re guilty of a crime.  However, to the smart, tough prosecutors and cops whose job it is to prove your guilt, you are a criminal.

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Our staff believes that one of the best ways to help ensure success in a case is by developing a close and trusting lawyer-client relationship that bolsters a transferal of valuable information.


When you’ve been arrested and charged with a crime, you have a lot to lose. Most folks who walk into my office are scared and stressed out.

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When you hire us you take back control of your case and your life. We decide when to go to court. We get ALL the evidence. We watch the videos, we investigate witnesses and police officers. We hire experts to evaluate lab reports, medical records, and forensic evidence.

We file critical pre-trial motions and motions to suppress. Those motions can determine the outcome of your case.

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Ms. Harrell was very upfront about my case. She provided me with a list of the situational circumstances as well as corrective courses of action for each. I am glad she got my case dismissed. Ms. Harrell’s assistant, Teresa, provided updates constantly and monitored for any changes in my case. This is the least amount of problems I’ve ever encountered with an attorney. In fact, there were none at all that I knew of.

W.W. ~ Killeen, TXVery Upfront

I will be recommending Mary Beth to anyone I come across who has legal issues. I was so satisfied with how my court case came out and how my case was handled by Mary Beth! She went far and beyond anything I could’ve ever expected especially with it being my first time ever having to deal with something like this. She wasn’t anything like I imagined an attorney would be. She was honest, straightforward and very very real w

S.O, ~ Copperas Cove, TXSo Satisfied

I was very worried and in a very bad time of my life when I went to the law office of Mary Beth Harrell. She calmly assured me that everything would turn out okay if I followed the steps she provided. As I did for eight months, she was able to get my solicitation of prostitution case dismissed. I am very thankful for the hard work she put into my dismissal.

AT ~ Killeen, TXEverything Will Be Ok

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