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Family and domestic violence allegations are serious. A conviction can result in jail time, loss of right to bear arms and a criminal record. Many people arrested for domestic violence offenses are unsure about the charges against them, and may not even understand why they were arrested in the first place. Domestic violence and assault involve a wide variety of offenses, including stalking and making threats. A strong defense starts with understanding the charges against you with the help of a smart attorney.

The Killeen criminal defense attorneys at the Mary Beth Harrell Law Firm have decades of combined experience representing individuals charged with domestic assault and violence charges. We provide aggressive defense, helping you avoid the penalties and consequences that can come with a criminal conviction.

Family violence in Texas

The Texas Judicial System reports that in 2011 (the most recent data available), there were 198,366 incidents of domestic violence, which involved 198,504 victims and 194,317 offenders. However, it’s important to remember that just because you or a loved one is accused of domestic violence, it doesn’t mean you’re guilty. Wrongful accusations, insufficient evidence, self-defense – a variety of defenses can help you avoid a criminal record.

Every family violence case is different, and every dynamic is unique. You may find yourself facing charges due to a momentary loss of control during a stressful situation. Perhaps there are anger management or other psychological issues that need addressing outside of the criminal justice system. Or, in some cases, our clients are just falsely accused. And we’ll find out why.

What defines domestic assault?

Here in Texas, domestic violence is commonly called domestic assault, or assault with family violence. If you’re charged with domestic assault, prosecutors must prove that you intentionally committed or threatened violence. If the victim has suffered serious injury, the charges can be elevated to aggravated domestic assault.

Domestic assault includes the following:

  • Intentionally causing physical harm
  • Threatening to cause physical harm
  • Intentionally making physical contact with the knowledge the other person will find it offensive or threatening

Aggravated domestic assault includes:

  • Intentionally causing serious bodily injury
  • Using a deadly weapon while committing assault on another person

If you’re accused of domestic assault, the victim may also request a restraining order, also called a protective order, requiring you to stay a certain distance away from your family member (including verbal contact). This can affect everything from matters of child custody to your entire reputation. If this happens to you, get in touch with our family violence defense attorneys immediately.

What types of relationships are included under domestic violence?

Chapter 71 of the Texas Family Code lists the following types of relationships under family violence, which differentiates them from other assault charges and penalties.

  • Dating. Dating violence can occur with two people in a dating relationship or were previously in a dating relationship.
  • Family member. Family members are any people related by blood, marriage, former spouses, parents of the same child, foster parents or step-parents.
  • Household member. Members of the same household are anyone who resides or formerly resided in the same home or residence. This includes people who aren’t related, like housemates and roommates.

Typically, the penalties and collateral consequences of a domestic violence conviction are more severe than other assault offenses. The attorneys at the Mary Beth Harrell Law Firm can explain the charges against you and fight to protect your constitutional rights.

What are the penalties for felony family violence charges in Texas?

The penalties for conviction of a family or domestic violence charge vary depending on the circumstances of the alleged offense. Factors can include the age of the victim, whether or not a weapon was used, whether the victim suffered injury and if you have any previous criminal history. Our attorneys work to have the charges against you reduced or dropped.

You may face third-degree felony domestic assault if you have previous domestic violence convictions or if strangulation and choking is involved in the assault. Conviction can result in two to 10 years in prison.

What is Continuous Violence Against the Family?

You can be charged with an offense known as Continuous Violence Against the Family under Texas statute if you commit two misdemeanor-level domestic assaults within 12 months. These multiple assaults can be charged as a third-degree felony instead.

Losing the right to carry a firearm

One of the most serious consequences of a family violence conviction in Texas is losing the right to carry a firearm. Any conviction of domestic or family violence will prohibit you from your right to own a gun. If you serve in the military or work in law enforcement or security, you can face the very real prospect of losing your job and your entire career. A domestic assault conviction will stay on your criminal record forever, affecting your reputation and future long after you’ve satisfied the terms of the court.

We work for your acquittal or lesser charges so you don’t have to lose your entire career. We’ll help protect your reputation and your freedom.

What is the Texas “no-drop” policy?

Many counties in Texas have a zero-tolerance policy on domestic violence and assault. If you’ve been accused with domestic assault and the victim later decides they want to drop the charges, typically prosecutors won’t allow it. This is because, in family violence cases, the victim isn’t the one who prosecutes – the state does. The state decides whether or not the case will move forward. However, our attorneys provide tough defense and negotiate with prosecution on your behalf.


Killeen domestic violence and assault defense

The consequences of a family or domestic violence accusation can have a ripple effect into every aspect of your life. The defense attorneys at the Mary Beth Harrell Law Firm safeguard your constitutional rights during the entire process, fighting the allegations against you and protecting your reputation and freedom. Let us help. Contact us today at 254-680-4655 or by filling out our contact form. We have offices in Killeen and Harker Heights, and handle in-custody visits for clients who cannot come to us.