Teresa Stubblefield

Teresa Stubblefield

Senior Paralegal and Office Manager

Teresa is the senior paralegal and office manager who has helped lead our practice in doing great things for our clients.  Grateful clients often mention Teresa by name in their Google reviews and on Avvo.com. Mary Beth proudly boasts that "Teresa has garnered more 5-star reviews than me, and earned every one of them". She is consistently professional and courteous and kind to each and every client. She knows how important it is to keep our clients informed on a timely basis and to answer their questions.

She’s worked with Mary Beth for almost 20 years and Mary Beth often credits her with the success of her practice. Teresa factual investigations into client cases has helped Mary Beth to get cases dismissed and win jury trials.

Over the years, Teresa has acquired a vast working knowledge of criminal law and she has honed her skills as a pretty savvy investigator. If it can be found on social media or on the internet, Teresa will find it. Teresa has unearthed evidence that has gotten a case dismissed on many occasions.

Before joining our team, Teresa worked in a central Texas County Probation Department. She has proven herself to be a huge asset to the team.