What Sets Us Apart

Very Upfront

"Ms. Harrell was very upfront about my case. She provided me with a list of the situational circumstances as well as corrective courses of action for each. I am glad she got my case dismissed. Ms. Harrell’s assistant, Teresa, provided updates constantly and monitored for any changes in my case. This is the least amount of problems I’ve ever encountered with an attorney. In fact, there were none at all that I knew of."

- W.W. ~ Killeen, TX

So Satisfied

"I will be recommending Mary Beth to anyone I come across who has legal issues. I was so satisfied with how my court case came out and how my case was handled by Mary Beth! She went far and beyond anything I could’ve ever expected especially with it being my first time ever having to deal with something like this. She wasn’t anything like I imagined an attorney would be. She was honest, straightforward and very very real with me :)"

- S.O, ~ Copperas Cove, TX

Everything Will Be Ok

"I was very worried and in a very bad time of my life when I went to the law office of Mary Beth Harrell. She calmly assured me that everything would turn out okay if I followed the steps she provided. As I did for eight months, she was able to get my solicitation of prostitution case dismissed. I am very thankful for the hard work she put into my dismissal."

- AT ~ Killeen, TX.

Worked Around My Schedule

"Honestly, this law firm was the best choice I could go with because of how well they worked around my schedule and how they always kept me informed of what I needed to know."

- CM ~ Killeen, TX

Great Respect for Harrell Law Firm

"I have a great deal of respect for the Harrell Law Firm and her associates. They saved my life, hands down. They actually gave me a better way of looking at life. Her staff member, Teresa, was wonderful in helping me with questions about the case and giving me the support I needed. The money I spent on this law firm was very well spent because she got my case dismissed. I give thanks to Ms. Harrell and Teresa for my life because that what they gave me back. I will tell everyone I know to come to this firm."

-TR ~ Killeen, TX.

Awesome Attorney and Staff!

"I picked up a case for a 2nd degree Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon around July 2016. My possible sentence was 2-20 years. I went to the Harrell Law Firm and I retained her to represent me on my case. I never went to Court once and she got my case dismissed. Her staff is awesome. The one person who I talked to the most and kept me updated was Teresa, wonderful person. If you need any help with a case, Ms. Harrell is the one you want to represent you."

-F.L. ~ Cameron, TX

Phenomenal Service!

"The services we had with them was phenomenal. As soon as we talked to her, she let us know what the entire steps were to help us with our case. They took care of everything for us. We were very happy with the results and our case got dismissed!"

- R.B. ~ Killeen, TX

Dedicated and Proactive

"The Harrell Law Firm and its personnel were very proactive in getting my case dismissed as my lawyer, Mary Beth Harrell, promised me. Ms. Teresa, thank you for all of your hard work and dedication within my case….you guys are the best! God Bless."

- W.M. ~ Copperas Cove, TX

More than Exceptional

"The service that I received from the Harrell Law Firm was more than exceptional. They handled my case in a professional way. I must say I owe a huge thank you to the staff of this law firm."

- O.W. ~ Killeen, TX

Forever Grateful

"I am an active duty soldier. I was charged with DWI with an open container as well as contributing to a minor. Mary Beth fought hard and strong for me. Mary Beth and her staff are extremely knowledgeable in military lifestyles and the unique impact criminal charges can have on the life of a soldier . She was able to get my DWI dismissed and I only had to pay the fines for a class “C” charge of open container. I will forever be grateful to Mary Beth and her dedicated staff as a conviction could have potentially ruined my military career. I can’t thank you enough!"

- D.P. ~ Fort Cavazos, TX

Forever in her debt

"I just want to say how pleased I am with Mary Beth Harrell’s service. The professionalism demonstrated by Ms. Harrell and her clerk surpass any other law firm I have dealt with before. Ms. Harrell was ready for our interview and even went out of her way to obtain previous documents relevant to my son’s case so she could give us an evaluation of what we were needing.

The speed and timely way she obtained results are to be applauded. Her attorney fees were fair and under any other comparing to her peers and even offered us a payment plan. I forever will be in debt to Ms. Harrell and will recommend her service to every person in need of law firm services. Thank you, Ms. Harrell for everything you did for my family."

- CR ~ Copperas Cove

She exceeded my expectations and my case was dismissed!

"I am a Non-Commissioned Officer in the U.S. Army. I was falsely accused and arrested on a felony assault against a family member. I retained Mary Beth Harrell because of her superior client reviews. I can say that she not only met but exceeded all of my expectations.

Ms. Harrell along with her paralegals acted promptly, effectively, and ensured that I was well informed on all aspects of my case. I am happy to say that Ms. Harrell was able to get my felony charge completely dismissed and ensured that my 18 year military career would not be ruined due to this false charge. I highly stand behind recommending the Harrell Law Firm to anyone facing any type of criminal charge. She will always go the extra mile for her clients."

- RF, Coryell County.

Without a doubt the best!

"I retained Ms. Harrell to represent me on an Assault with Bodily Injury on a Family Member case and she got my case dismissed. I believe that Ms. Harrell is without a doubt the best criminal law attorney in central TX. Her staff is friendly, attentive and extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend the Harrell law firm to anyone who seeks representation."

- TCT of Killeen

Top Notch Lawyer

"I chose to retain Mary Beth Harrell because I am a Veteran and I know how important it is for someone to not only understand the military way but to know a Veteran’s rights as well. My charge was dismissed and I was very happy by her professionalism and most of all the way I was treated by everyone at her law firm. Top notch!"

- RM of Gatesville

Highly Recommended

"I sought legal representation from Mary Beth Harrell for an Assault to a Family Member with Bodily Harm case. On my first free consultation, I immediately realized she was more than capable and qualified for my case. She made me feel confident about the matter and assured me that as long as I followed her instructions, I would be alright. I did everything she instructed me to do. With the help and dedication of her staff, my case was completely dismissed.

Mary Beth Harrell and her staff went beyond what I expected. I would highly recommend her to anyone with legal issues without a doubt."

- MSV of Killeen

Took Care of Everything and Kept Me Out of Jail!

"I would like to thank you and your team for the services you provided. You made this difficult time in my life practically pain-free. As you know I was charged with a D.W.I and you kept me legal to drive until you got me my occupational license. It was nice to leave the courtroom with my occupational license when my driver’s license was suspended a few minutes prior!!

You cut down my fine triple the amount, you kept me out of jail, you knocked out my ALR hearing and my D.W.I with one Court date, months after my incident happened. Thank you so much! And thank you to your legal assistants as well"


Professional in Handling my Case

"Ms. Harrell and her team were nothing short of professional in handling my case. They accommodated time sensitive deadlines while keeping me informed throughout the entire legal process. If you want a team that shares their knowledge, prioritizes your needs, and considers your welfare, I’d recommend this team any day.

Thank you, Ms. Harrell, for allowing me to have a second chance with my future and my new baby boy."

- KK

The BEST Attorney in this area!

"I would like to say “thank you” to Mrs. Mary Beth Harrell and her team. During our first visit Mrs. Harrell explained the possible goal of our situation; never promising anything other than her best. Well, her best is just that – the BEST Attorney in this area! Speaking with Teresa was like speaking to Mrs. Harrell. Always calling with updates, and explained each detail

I would recommend this TEAM of Professionals to all; the Law Office of Mary Beth Harrell stands above all others."



"Ms. Harrell’s experience representing military personnel was why I chose her to be my lawyer.

After eight years and three tours, I had a hard time adjusting to civilian life and got myself into legal trouble. I followed Ms. Harrell’s advice and she was able to get my case dismissed.

Thank all of you at the Harrell law firm."

- DJF of Killeen

Professional, Knowledgeable, Personable

"Mrs. Harrell is one of the best attorneys that I have ever had the pleasure to work with, as she is very professional, very knowledgeable about the law and she represented my son. The situation with my son was overwhelming to me, and our family, as I did not know where to turn. She has represented my son twice on two different offensives. I must say that she is also a very down to earth lady and her, as well as her staff within her office made the process bearable for me and my wife.

She kept me and my wife informed, clarified information and eased our concerns, as we knew exactly what would probably occur with my son next court appearances, as well as his criminal charges that he faced. The advice that she and her staff provided was wonderful and I personally feel that because she represented my son, that my son had a chance to change his life for the better. The whole situation and legal requirements for my son has been a very emotional one within my family, and her and her staff understand that. I have met other attorneys that would not speak to me because my son was of legal age, but with my son’s permission she spoke and assisted us so very much.

Mrs. Harrell is not just an attorney, she is a wonderful person and she understands the concerns and worry of a parent. I can honestly say that both my wife and I would constantly be updated on a regular basis of the legal situations of my son. I feel she truly understands that this can be an emotional time for parents that are facing similar situations with their children. I feel that she is a true professional and my son was very lucky to get her as his attorney, as well as I would like to add that she is very dedicated to what she does and I would recommend her to anyone that would need legal representation from such a trusted and very dependable attorney like Mrs. Harrell. Thank You so very Much."

- F.L. of Killeen

She Saved My Career

"When I pulled up at Mrs. Harrell’s office it was actually after business hours. I believe that she saw the stressed looked on my face and invited me inside. Just days prior I was arrested and charged with assault. Although I knew that the incident was definitely self-defense my career was still in jeopardy because I was DA Selected for Drill Sergeant. When chosen for a special duty assignment such as this you cannot have a domestic charge of any kind.

I sat down with Mrs. Harrell and told her what happened and how I was actually the one attacked which eventually forced me to defend myself. After I finished giving her all the details she agreed to take my case. I was arrested in September and my case was dismissed by November. Had I not retained her, I wouldn’t have gotten a pre-trial date until the end of January. I would have lost my special duty assignment and possibly received punishment from my command that could have ended my career.

With the downsizing of the Army, Soldiers MUST put themselves in a position to set themselves ahead of their peers. This is why I can honestly say that she saved my career and I would recommend her services to anyone. Her paralegal Ms. Teresa was extremely helpful in getting me documents and providing me with updates. I truly appreciate her honesty and professionalism. What I will remember most is Mrs. Harrell telling me to stop worrying because that was her job as my attorney. I took that advice and it lifted a tremendous amount of stress off my mind. I report to Drill Sergeant school in March 2015."

- Future Drill Sergeant

Case Dismissed

“I was wrongfully accused of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Ms. Mary Beth Harrell fought diligently for five years until she was able to convince the prosecutor to dismiss my case. She always stayed in contact with me throughout the five years and was always giving me advice on what to do to lead to a dismissal. It is only because of Mary Beth that I can now have a future again. I highly recommend her to everyone. She is by far the best lawyer I have ever had.”

- N. Shepard

Hands down the best attorney I have had

"Attorney Harrell is hands down the best attorney I have had the pleasure to work with on my case. She is personable and very understanding! She is there whenever I have a question or concern. She worked very hard & diligently for me! I highly recommend her! Also, her staff is outstanding! The team went all out for me and I am an extremely happy customer. Considering she ultimately got my case dismissed! Thanks for being a great asset to our community!! Again, thank you!!"

- Chana M.

Future Plans Saved

"Mrs. Harrell represented my son. While in college he received an MIP citation which could have jeopardized his future plans, but thanks to the expertise and dedication of Mrs. Harrell and her assistant Teresa, his case was dismissed and we only dealt with her office. As a parent, I was very worried about my son and the negative impact this could have on him in school and his future endeavors.

Mrs. Harrell and her office put me at ease with their knowledge, promptness in handling the case and they were never too busy to answer my questions. I was kept informed during the whole ordeal. Many thanks to this attorney and her team. I recommend her and her legal staff because they proved very trustworthy and I will definitely retain her services again if the need arises."

- Ann A.

She took care of everything

"Pursued my case effectively, aiding me through my confusion on how to deal with my blunder. She took care of everything in a timely and professional manner and answered all of my questions and concerns. I would definitely recommend her services."

- Kirsten


"Mary Harrell’s office was amazing! My case was dismissed and I only had to deal with their office. Teresa is the best assistant I ever met and she kept me informed the entire time. I was low on cash and they gave me the option of a payment plan. Great job!"

- Kennyn

Honest, Factual, Sound Decisions

"Ms. Harrell represented me to a point that I could not have been happier. Her and her staff were available and forthcoming at all times. They were there from initial charges all the way through final proceeding and I was more than pleased with their professionalism and knowledge when needed most. She was honest, factual and presented me with all information needed to make a sound decision. I will continue to retain her serviced when needed and always advise anyone who may need legal counsel to seek her office."

- Carlos

DWI Charge Dismissed

"I was facing a DWI charge and Mrs. Harrell got it dismissed. Mrs. Harrell’s actions prevented a potential criminal conviction from blemishing my military career. She provided me with a greater peace of mind and understanding of the circumstances surrounding my incident. I highly recommend the professionalism and dedication of her practice to anyone in a similar situation."

- Captain Michael N., U.S. Army

Very Impressed

"I highly recommend Mary Beth Harrell. I first had the opportunity to meet Mary Beth when I served on a jury trial in April of 2013. Mary Beth was defending a man charged with continuous sexual assault of a child, and two more felony counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child. We the jury found him not guilty on all three charges.

I was very impressed by Mary Beth and told all my family and friends "If I ever need an attorney I will certainly use Mary Beth Harrell".

In June of 2013 I found myself in need of an attorney for my son. He was arrested for the felony charge of burglary of a habitation. He could have been sentenced to 20 years in prison. I didn’t hesitate to call Mary Beth. She kept him out of prison and he was not convicted of the felony. She was able to get him the help he needed. He got a job and probation. I will forever be grateful for all her and her legal assistants’ hard work. Her legal assistants Marina and Teresa were very professional, knowledgeable, and very helpful."

- M. Fuller

Awesome Lawyer

"Mary Beth Harrell is an awesome lawyer. She exudes courtroom confidence that comes from being well-prepared. In my case I was charged with Burglary of a Habitation with intent to commit Sexual Assault.

The odds were stacked against me because of my 1987 Federal felony conviction for Rape and I was still on parole for that case. The police, detectives, prosecutor and his staff concluded I was guilty of the new charge when I was truly innocent.

Mary Beth Harrell proved with her expertise in law and patience that victory can be achieved, even against the odds. Because of her unwavering commitment to my case, one year later my case was dismissed. Mary Beth Harrell and her staff exemplify professionalism and dedication. Attorney Mary Beth Harrell is outstanding. So if you’re looking for an attorney that will give you 100 percent and most of all ‘keep it real’ with you then there is none better."

- G. Brooks

Professional Expertise

"I had not one, not two, but three pending charges for Driving While Intoxicated in two different counties when I sought Mrs. Harrell’s help. If it had not been for the professional expertise of Ms. Harrell, I would have had to do some serious jail time. Ms. Harrell talked to the prosecutors in both counties. She was able to get two out of three DWIs dismissed, and I was placed on probation for just one DWI, all the while my driver’s license was not suspended."

- T.Sheppard

Wrongly Accused and Cleared

"I was wrongly accused and was stressed out about the whole situation. This case went on for 8 months, which a warrant was placed on me and I was never informed of a court date.

The way the entire case was handled was a mess on CID’s part and my side was silenced due to what they believed. Ms. Harrell really took a look at all the evidence and the investigative report and she was able to get the case against me dropped. I really appreciate all she and her staff did to assist me in this manner. Ms. Harrell is dedicated to helping all and I would recommend her to anyone. I am very thankful for her help."

- Monik P.

The office exceeded my expectations

"I would like to say “thank you” to the entire office of attorney Mary Beth Harrell. The entire process went smoothly and everyone I spoke to helped me understand the process of what was going on with my husband. I had no idea what to expect and I was very nervous. Theresa explained each detail and possible outcome to me and guided me to make the right decisions. The office exceeded my expectations of the court process.

I was able to have my husband back home ahead of the projected time frame given. I felt very comfortable speaking to them each day. And The office exceeded my expectations of the court process. I was able to have my husband back home ahead of the projected time frame given. I felt very comfortable speaking to them each day. And I always received a prompt response if I had any questions. I would recommend this law firm to anyone needing legal assistance. Thank you so much ladies!"

- A.M.