Take Your Case Seriously

The cornerstone of our criminal justice system is that you are innocent until proven guilty. Unfortunately, the court of public opinion usually convicts without the evidence. While there are countless men and women who should be believed by law enforcement and loved ones when they come forward to tell their stories, there are too many people who are falsely accused because of mistaken identity, misremembered events, or even acts of revenge. In this day and age, the general public may immediately side with the accuser, rather than with the accused. Even though a surprising number of sex assault cases do not have DNA or any other witnesses besides the person making the accusation, the prosecutor will not hesitate to take your case trial. Although you will certainly get your day in court, you shouldn’t put blind faith in our system. Just because you know you’re innocent doesn’t mean the truth will set you free. The prosecutors, police, their experts and your accuser are building a case against you. It’s vitally important that you hire an experienced, tough smart defense lawyer, rather than hoping that these accusations will simply go away.

Remain Silent

Any sexual assault lawyer will tell you that if and when you are arrested, you should invoke your right to remain silent. Doing so can ensure your rights are protected. When you’re facing charges like these, you should make it a rule to remain entirely silent about your case. You can, of course, trust your sexual assault lawyers and should be completely up front with them. But refrain from talking about your case to others, even if you think you can trust them. Don’t post anything that even alludes to your case on social media, either. Remember that if you say nothing, the prosecution will have much less to use against you in a trial.

Hire a Sexual Assault Lawyer

This area of law is extremely complex and the consequences you’ll face are incredibly serious including prison and lifetime registration as a sex offender. Don’t assume that only guilty people hire lawyers. It’s the smartest thing you can do to safeguard your future. If you or someone you know has been accused of sexual assault, hiring an attorney is an important first step. To learn more, please contact Mary Beth Harrell today.