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Felony crimes are much different than misdemeanors. If convicted, your odds of being sentenced to jail are much higher. You’re more likely to spend time in state prisons than in county jails for state felonies. The fines are much higher. When you’re released, the felony will follow you in many ways. Employers will see your conviction when they run background checks. Apartment complexes will see your felonies too.  You won’t be able to own a firearm.

You need an experienced trial lawyer if you are charged with any serious crimes. At Mary Beth Harrell Law Firm, our Copperas Cove criminal defense lawyers have helped numerous clients keep their freedom. We’re skilled at trying cases before juries, presenting arguments before judges, and negotiating with prosecutors. We’re skilled at cross-examining the police and other witnesses. We assert every Constitutional, legal, and factual defense that applies to your case. For more than 20 years, we’ve helped individuals obtain dismissals and acquittals of felony charges and plea bargains for less serious offenses.


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What types of cases does your Copperas Cove law firm handle?

If you’re facing criminal charges, have just been arrested, or know you’re being investigated for a crime, talk to the Mary Beth Harrell Law Firm today. Our defense attorneys handle a wide variety of charges in Copperas Cove,  including:

Aggravated assault

Aggravated assaults differ from simple assault charges in several ways. Aggravated assault is generally assault with a deadly weapon or assault that caused serious bodily injury. Both assault and aggravated assault crimes generally require that the prosecution show that a defendant intended to cause or knowingly caused (or threatened to cause) bodily harm.

There are different degrees of felonies based on factors such as whether the victim was a family member, domestic partner, public servant, or another type of protected victim. The felony degree (first, second, or third) also depends on the type of weapon used, prior convictions, and other factors.

Domestic violence

In addition to crimes such as assault, sexual assault, and aggravated assault, individuals in Copperas Cove can be charged with violations of the Texas Family Code. The Texas Family Code applies to crimes that involve dating violence and attacks on a member of the defendant’s family or household. At Mary Beth Harrell Law Firm, we defend those charged with any type of domestic violence crime and with repeat offenses that may violate the Continuous Violence Against the Family statute.

We also represent clients when individuals file requests for protective and restraining orders. In addition to imprisonment and fines, clients who are convicted of domestic violence offenses may be ineligible to join the military or own a firearm.

Drug charges

Drug crimes require experienced Central Texas defense lawyers for many reasons. You may be charged with federal and/or state crimes depending on whether there was any interstate activity involved or whether other federal conditions apply. There are separate federal and state controlled substance laws that regulate different types of drugs based on the harm the drug may cause, the likelihood of addition, any medicinal benefits, and other factors.

At Mary Beth Harrell Law Firm, we’ve been fighting for clients charged with the possession, manufacture, sale, distribution, and trafficking of drugs, among other drug offenses. We assert every possible defense including seeking to suppress any evidence that was obtained without a warrant or other legal justification. Our Copperas Cove felony defense lawyers also review your eligibility for drug courts that focus on rehabilitation instead of imprisonment.

Murder and homicide

Murder and homicide are the most serious felony charges. If you’re convicted, there’s a good chance you’ll never see the outside of a penitentiary again. In capital crimes, you could be sentenced to death. You need defense lawyers who understand every aspect of a criminal case from the investigation and arrest through the litigation process (motions, pretrial hearings, and discussions with the prosecutors) to jury selection and arguing cases before juries.

As a former prosecutor and a defense lawyer for 20 years, Mary Beth Harrell has earned the respect of Copperas Cove criminal defendants, prosecutors, and judges for her dedication to her clients, her experience, her tenacity, her ability to cross-examine witnesses, and her understanding of the applicable murder and homicide laws. She represents murder and homicide defendants charged with manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide, intoxication murder, murder, and capital murder.

Felony DWI and drunk driving

Felony DWI charges in Texas include intoxication assault, intoxication manslaughter, DWI charges based on two or more prior DWI convictions, and driving while intoxicated with a child passenger. The prison sentences for felony DWIs are quite severe. For example, a third DWI can result in prison time between two and 10 years. A DWI with a child passenger can range from 180 days to two years in jail.

Other penalties include fines, “superfines,” suspension of driving privileges, the requirement to use an interlock ignition device, and other consequences.

Our Copperas Cove felony defense lawyers work to show the police didn’t have grounds to stop you, that any field sobriety or chemical tests were invalid, that high readings were due to other causes such as medications you’re taking, and all other defenses that apply to your felony DWI charges.

Sex crimes

Sex crime charges in Copperas Cove may include indecent assault, sexual assault, aggravated sexual assault, prostitution, sex trafficking, or other sex crimes. On release from prison, if convicted, you will have to register as a sex offender, which will make finding a place to live and finding a job extremely difficult.


Theft crimes involve the taking of property without paying for them and intending to permanently deprive the owner of the property. Theft crimes involve the theft of property, services, identity, credit cards, and other items. Theft crimes can become felonies if the value of the items taken is high, if force is used, or if other factors apply.

Our Copperas Cove felony defense lawyers defend people charged with felony theft offenses including embezzlement, burglary, robbery, theft of trade secrets, bad checks, receiving stolen property, and other offenses.

Weapons charges

At Mary Beth Harrell Law Firm, we appreciate how much Texas residents value their Second Amendment rights. We represent clients in Copperas Cove who are charged with any type of weapon crime or any crime that becomes a felony because a weapon was involved.
Weapons offenses in Central Texas include unlawful possession of a firearm, illegal carry of a firearm, unlawful discharge of a firearm, firearms trafficking, and other offenses. We’ll work to show you had the proper authorization to possess or use a weapon, that the government can’t prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you violated any laws, and all other defenses that apply.

How does Mary Beth Harrell Law Firm fight for Copperas Cove clients charged with felonies?

Our defense lawyers don’t just say we’re good attorneys. We have the experience and results to support our claim. For more than 20 years, we’ve represented criminal defendants in state and federal courts and through all stages of the criminal process.

We’ll explain your rights, be your mouthpiece, and assert all the Constitutional, legal, and factual defenses that apply to your case. We’ve helped numerous clients obtain dismissals before trial and acquittals by juries of their peers. We’ve also negotiated many plea bargains with prosecutors to reduce the charges and the severity of the penalties.

At Mary Beth Harrell Law Firm, our lawyers are respected by judges, prosecutors, law enforcement, and most importantly by former clients for our:

  • Understanding of the laws, rules of procedure, rules of evidence, and every aspect of representing individuals.
  • Our skill at each phase of the criminal prosecution including the investigation, arrest, bail hearings, preliminary hearings, grand juries, motions to suppress evidence, other pretrial motions, and all aspects of trying your case in court.
  • Our understanding of the Copperas Cove community, which includes understanding that human factors affect the decisions of local court officials, prosecutors, the judges assigned to your case, and the people on the jury who will decide your case.

Our founding attorney is a former prosecutor. Our lawyers fight for your freedom and reputation at every step of your case. We’ll answer all your questions, explain how the litigation process works, review any plea bargain discussions with you, and be your strong advocate.

What defenses do you assert for criminal defendants?

Our Copperas Cove felony defense lawyers are skilled at questioning witnesses, investigating the crime scene, speaking with witnesses, working with expert witnesses such as forensics experts and financial professionals, and everyone else who can help your defense.

We seek to suppress evidence that was illegally seized, statements that you made in violation of your Fifth Amendment rights, and other Constitutional defenses.

Our lawyers hold the government to its duty to prove each element of the criminal offense beyond a reasonable doubt including such issues as intent and knowledge.

At Mary Beth Harrell Law Firm, we’ll also explain when alternatives such as drug courts or pretrial diversion programs may be available to you.

Do you advocate for Copperas Cove servicemembers?

Yes. We appreciate the service of every member of the military. We defend members of the military who are charged with federal or Texas crimes. We explain when and how convictions can prevent you from being eligible for service or can result in dismissal or other military consequences.

We also explain your eligibility for Veterans Treatment Court, a diversionary program for veterans facing prosecution for a criminal case that generally focuses on rehabilitation instead of incarceration. Bell County, which includes Copperas Cove, has its own Veterans Treatment Court.

Court and jail information for Copperas Cove and Bell County, TX

Clients who live in Copperas Cove and Bell County may find the following information helpful:

Do you have a criminal defense lawyer near me?

We meet clients charged with crimes at our office at 208 S 2nd St. We also have an office in Killeen, located at 701 W Central Texas Expy.

We have the experience, resources, and skills to handle felony crimes in Copperas Cove. If you cannot come to our office, we will travel to visit you. We also conduct consultations by video and phone.

We’ll fight to obtain your release on bail and to keep you out of jail.

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