Top 10 Occupations with the Highest Rates of Divorce

Top 10 Occupations with the Highest Rates of Divorce Most folks don’t take their occupations into consideration before saying “I do” to their spouses. But perhaps they should, because are it turns out, certain professionals get divorced more often than others.

The career website Zippia compiled a list of 21 careers that are leading to increased divorces rates in people under 30. These are the top 10:

  1. First-line enlisted military supervisors: 30%
  2. Logisticians: 18%
  3. Automotive Service Technicians and Mechanics: 17%
  4. Military Enlisted Tactical Operations and Air Weapons: 17%
  5. Chemical Technicians: 15%
  6. Combined Food Preparation and Serving Workers: 15%
  7. Military, Rank Not Specified: 15%
  8. Nonfarm Animal Caretakers: 15%
  9. Library Assistants, Clerical: 15%
  10. Engineering Technicians, Expert Drafters: 14%

Military careers are at the top

While some of these professions surprised us – library assistants face more stress than we realized – we were not surprised to see three military positions ranked in the top ten. Our founder, Mary Beth Harrell, who is an Army wife herself. She knows firsthand what kinds of struggles military and civilian spouses may face.

Some military couples divorce because of infidelity, domestic violence, or just general incompatibility. Serving your country is incredibly stressful for both the person serving and the family he or she leaves behind. The long-term separation is particularly hard, especially if there are children.

The divorce process itself can also be very complicated, because there are different laws and regulations that affect military families, such as the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act and the Uniformed Services Former Spouses’ Protection Act. You’re going to need an experienced military divorce lawyer to help you whether you are serving, retired, or a civilian spouse.

Don’t lose hope: long-term military couples defy the civilian odds

It’s not all bad news, however. For the couples who do make it, the chances are good for long-term survival of the marriage.

In a piece for, author Jacey Eckhart analyzed the result of 1200 surveys returned from active duty servicemen who had been married for at least 15 years, to see if she could determine what makes some marriage fail and others succeed. What she found, though, is that none of the predictable indicators of divorce necessarily applied to military couples.

For example, civilians who marry young often divorce, but the average age of a first-time married couple in the service is 22. These couples can be expected to move 8-9 time in 20 years. The men were committed to their jobs and their roles, and continually took on more deployments and more responsibility. They were separated often, and for long periods of time. When they returned, they jumped back into their share of the housework and parenting roles.

So what does all of this mean? We would say that if you can make it past the five-year benchmark, based on Zippia and Eckhart’s data, then you have probably created a system that works successfully for you and your family. If that’s the case, then your marriage is probably in good shape after all.

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