DUI / DWI Myths Vs. Reality: 5 Misconceptions

There are many misconceptions when it comes to information about DUI/DWI. To help sort out any preconceived ideas about what might cause an arrest or whether a DUI charge will stick, here are five busted myths from our experienced DUI / DWI attorneys.

1. Only people who drink and drive get arrested. Not true. Sober drivers are arrested for DUI / DWI. A police officer only needs probable cause that you’re intoxicated for them to arrest you. You may have been driving erratically because of fatigue or the breathalyzer may have given a false positive.

2. A field sobriety test can’t be used against me if I don’t take it. True. You can be still be arrested even if you refuse to take a field sobriety test but if you perform poorly on those tests then it will be used in court to try to prove you were intoxicated. There are many reasons why a person will perform these tests poorly: overweight, fatigue, bad knees, bad feet, poor physical coordination, age, stress, anxiety or other mental health issues. So it is better to not take the tests.

3. You won’t be arrested if you pass the field sobriety test. Not true. Police officers don’t rely solely on field sobriety tests to determine if there’s probable cause to arrest you. You can still be arrested for DUI / DWI even if you pass the test.

4. You won’t be arrested for DUI / DWI if you’ve pulled over to sober up. Not true. It’s always a good idea to pull over if you don’t trust yourself on the road. But you can still be arrested for DUI/DWI if the officer believes you were driving while intoxicated before you pulled over.

5. You can’t be arrested if your impaired driving was caused by medications. Not true. You can be arrested for DUI / DWI if your legal medications impaired your driving. It’s crucial that you look at the side effects of your medications before you get behind the wheel. Certain prescriptions can cause you to be drowsy, which can make affect your driving skills,

Where can I find a DUI attorney?

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