Experienced Expungement Lawyer Serving Waco, Texas

Were you arrested for a crime and your case was dismissed?

Would like to have a clean criminal history again?

Would like to get the slate wiped clean?

Then you may be eligible to receive an Order of Expunction or Expungement.

An Expunction Order instructs local, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies to delete your arrest and dismissal from their records. So when any private or public employer, state or federal licensing agency, or the military inquires about your criminal history, they will then see that you do not have one.

But it is not automatic. You must file paperwork with the court requesting the expunction and pay court fees. The prosecutor or a law enforcement agency could object to your request. So you need an experienced lawyer who has worked with prosecutors, judges and law enforcement to get that expunction.

Mary Beth Harrell and her associates have been able to obtain many expunctions for her clients.

Call Mary Beth Harrell today and get that help. Why let one mistake follow you for the rest of your life?