Jobs With The Highest Marriage Rates – and Highest Divorce Rates

Jobs With The Highest Marriage Rates – and Highest Divorce RatesWe have always heard that money is one of the most common causes of divorce. And, studies show that people with high-paying, stable jobs tend to experience less divorce than those in lower-income jobs with irregular hours.

Bloomberg reports that 70 percent of people who consider themselves upper class have happy marriages, compared to only 53 percent of people who consider themselves lower class. Can your choice of career affect your marriage?

Top 10 jobs with highest marriage rates

According to career site The Ladders, employees in some careers are more likely to be married than others. Researchers focused their data on people in the 30-to-45 year age range, what they call the “prime marrying” years. The top 10 careers with the highest marriage rates as of 2020 are:

  1. Clergy – 85%
  2. Directors, Religious Activities And Education – 82%
  3. First-Line Supervisors Of Fire Fighting And Prevention – 81%
  4. Dentists – 80%
  5. Architectural And Engineering Managers – 79%
  6. First-Line Enlisted Military Supervisors – 78%
  7. Podiatrists – 78%
  8. Chiropractors – 78%
  9. Nurse Practitioners And Nurse Midwives – 77%
  10. Radiation Therapists – 77%

Top 10 jobs with highest divorce rates

On the other end of the spectrum, workers in other jobs may be more likely to divorce. According to a study from Stacker, the top 10 jobs with the highest divorce rates are:

  1. Bartenders – 30.1%
  2. Telemarketers – 27.5%
  3. Dancers and choreographers – 27.2%
  4. Gambling services workers – 26.6%
  5. Massage therapists – 26.3%
  6. Flight attendants – 25.6%
  7. Gaming cage workers – 25%
  8. Personal care aides – 24.7%
  9. Switchboard or answering service operators – 24%
  10. Home health aides – 23.8%

Maintaining a good marriage, of course, takes work – and we don’t mean your career. Of course, a career and finances play into it, but work and life satisfaction does as well. When a work/life balance fails, divorce may be on the horizon. In the event it is, consulting with a smart divorce attorney can help ensure you come out financially strong and independent.

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