During these difficult times, there can be uncomfortable issues that we might not want to talk about, or don’t have anyone to vent to about, either. Family or domestic violence is one of them. Unfortunately, these things don’t stop in the face of a nationwide pandemic – and, in fact, they can become worse as people throughout Texas continue to shelter in place.

Unemployment rates are rising, schools are closed, social gatherings are prohibited, and all of our daily routines have been disrupted. Many people feel isolated, which can lead to increased emotions and an inability to control tempers. Authorities across the state are seeing a rise in domestic assault and violence.

Texas advocacy group SAFE Alliance Community Education Director Sandra Molinari noted, “More people staying in the house with friction in the family, with abuse going on, and more time behind closed doors is just going to exacerbate the tension and violence.” She also added, “So usually we average 45 calls a day this time a year and that went up to about 65 when people began self-isolating. It has come back down because it is difficult for people to call because they are being monitored.”

Remember, law enforcement treats domestic violence calls very seriously under normal circumstances. Now, during the COVID-19 pandemic, you can’t assume that things will be any different. Police continue to arrest perpetrators of alleged crimes and the criminal justice continues to roll along. It’s more important than ever to remain a law-abiding citizen. However, you are still afforded certain rights if you are charged with a crime.

Families and couples are dealing with an entirely new way of living right now – financial worries, drug or alcohol abuse, children home 24 hours a day, anger management issues, unemployment, and more. It’s understandable that some people may be pushed to the limit, leading to misunderstandings or even tragic outcomes.

We want you to know that our attorneys are here and we want to help. Texas is currently doing everything possible to keep its citizens safe, and that can include harsh prosecution for domestic violence offenders. If you find yourself facing charges, you may not immediately go to jail, but you need to act quickly. You will still have to answer to the charges against you, including any protective orders against you.

This pandemic is putting unprecedented strain on all Americans, and some may react in unpredictable ways. We ask that you put the well-being of yourself and loved ones above all else.

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