As Texas and the rest of the country continue to adapt to the coronavirus pandemic and its aftermath, some countries are already starting to emerge from their national stay-at-home orders. In the beginning of this pandemic, much of the media had predicted a “coronavirus baby boom” as a result of the long quarantine. However, early reports are showing a much different story.

As more Chinese citizens leave their homes after months of lockdown, many cities are seeing a spike in applications for divorce. And, whether the United States will experience a baby boom or a divorce boom? Signs seem to be pointing toward the latter. A recent article at ABC News pointed out that, with many families and spouses stuck in close quarters, people may be reevaluating their relationships. Financial stress combined with confinement can lead to problems that can become insurmountable.

One attorney interviewed added, “If you are stuck in a little apartment and one of you has been laid off or maybe both of you have been laid off and you’ve got kids and it’s loud and you’re tired and everybody is on high adrenaline fear, if you don’t have good coping skills, it’s not surprising that domestic violence is on the rise.”

If you’re considering a Texas divorce right now

As we all know, the COVID-19 pandemic is a new and emerging public health situation, and everyone is under a great deal of financial and emotional stress. We advise our clients – unless in an emergency or dangerous situation – not to make any impulsive decisions. However, if you need legal assistance with a divorce or other family law issue, our attorneys continue to be here for you.

Although Texas courts are currently closed for hearings and orders other than emergencies, there are some steps you can take if you and your spouse have decided you are ready to divorce. You can begin the process without having to leave your home, meaning we can meet with you via phone or videoconference. (In certain situations we can meet you in our offices, by appointment only.)

Because most counties in Texas allow secure e-filing of court documents, we’re able to begin the divorce process if you and your spouse are able to agree on the terms of your divorce agreement. We can also work with you via collaborative divorce in order to resolve disputes in order to avoid going to court in the future.

Note that the courts are still hearing emergency matters for issues regarding domestic violence and CPS removals. If you feel you and your children are in immediate danger, please call 911. Stay-at-home orders have exclusions for victims of family violence. Call our attorneys for a confidential and private consultation.

The family law attorneys at the Mary Beth Harrell Law Firm continue to provide the best possible service for our clients during this complicated time. Let us answer any of your questions – we’re here to help! Call us in Killeen, Waco, and Copperas Cove at 254-680-4655, or visit our contact page, and schedule your consultation today.